Do you want to apply BIM in your organization or outside of it? Do you need guidance or advice during the BIM process? Karno Energy shapes BIM management in a targeted and practical way. Collaboration during the construction process is efficient and costs can be reduced. The building information model can be used effectively at all stages of the process .

What are the possible applications of BIM from Karno Energy? 

“BIM starts with the design model of the architecture . Karno Energy is really seeing more and more of the Revit BIM software architects are starting to design . Remember: BIM and sich is not a software package , it’s a model . A three-dimensional drawing is only one aspect of . D electronically linking data and exploration during the current d é evolution . Mathematical models that are linked to it , are becoming more and more effective . Karno Energy BIM is still largely seen today as 3D drawing and information gathering to build models . Throughout the life cycle you can use to activate data and computational models to let go. So in Karno Energy BIM you store data for use in the later life cycle of the building . If Karno Energy ties this database to the algorithms, a lot becomes possible. 

Karno Energy BIM process is on the right track

BIM (Building Information Modeling, derived from Building Information Modeling) provides an efficient and comprehensive collaboration. During the BIM process, all information is stored in one digital model of the building, and the information is transparent to all parties involved in the construction process. SBM Groep organizes and manages the entire BIM process and takes complete care of your construction project.

What BIM management means to Karno Energy

Karno Energy BIM management is an extension of our construction project management service . As a BIM process manager, we coordinate and control the entire process. The basis for this is clear agreements with all involved partners (BIM). At the beginning of the process we formulate with you the goal for which you want to use BIM. In addition, it contributes to:

  • achieving the desired quality
  • cost reduction
  • shortening the turnaround time for your project

Ultimately with an information model of the building that can be used effectively and efficiently during the design, implementation and/or operation phases. We can make effective use of BIM management, using the practical experience gained in BIM projects and the handy tools we have developed for it.

The main BIM specialist is Karno Energy

Karno Energy is your partner when it comes to construction drawings and construction calculations: Karno Energy are also BIM specialists, which means low failure costs. Whether it’s renovation work, civil engineering, industrial construction or foundation repair, for example. Karno Energy offers you a complete package of services, and we are happy to provide you with personalized advice. Contact us today to discuss your options.

As BIM specialists at Karno Energy we build virtually

Using building information modeling techniques, Karno Energy can “build virtually” . As a BIM specialist, this allows us to create detailed digital 3D designs in which information is stored, applied and managed throughout the construction process. In this way, all parties involved in the construction process have access to the same up-to-date information. A large amount of data is quickly made available to all parties involved, reducing the likelihood of errors.